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Engines, Wires and Fuel

Even the finest hulls available require propulsion and ancillary systems. Our private wharfage allows direct access to the North Sea. Humber undertakes sea trials and can fine tune the performance and propping of your RIB.

With over 10,000 Humber RIBs we have accumulated extensive knowledge and understand the power requirements and propeller selection for our RIBs relative to load and speed conditions. This ensures maximum performance and optimum fuel efficiency of your RIB. Inboard and outboard engines are available. We fit all Contact our sales team for consultancy advice and expert guidance to ensure the right choice of turnkey boat and engine package can be carefully selected to suit your individual requirements.

Outboard Motor Installation

Re-Tubes & Services

Replacement RIB collars

Replacing a RIB collar can greatly extend the life of the craft and increase its re-sale value. Humber has almost 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of top quality inflation collars. We have always produced our inflation collars in house.

All tubes are individually hand built by experienced craftsmen and constructed from world recognised top quality Hypalon. Our design and development programme ensures our collars are in a constant stage of evolution allowing us to fulfil the requirements of a demanding market. This allows us to offer designs ranging from the traditional panel collars to the more fashionable style without vertical seams. However, whatever the design, our assembly methods do not vary. Overlapped seams are re-enforced inside and out by strong flexible extreme conditions.

Also, unlike tubes manufactured from PU or PVC, hypalon fabric does not become porous after a relatively shortly life span. Hypalon allows easy repair by simple gluing without having to engage the services of an expert. For further information on hypalon fabric visit www.pennelindustries.com.

Repair & restoration service

Damage to an inflation collar or just fair wear and tear over a prolonged period may not justify a full collar replacement. We are an approved insurance centre and offer an in-house repair and restoration service to all makes of hypalon RIB’s and inflatables. We have successfully carried out many larger repairs that other service centres have been unable to complete satisfactorily. Contact our sales team for further assistance or advice.

We offer an in house repair and restoration service for all makes of hypalon RIBs and Inflatables and have successfully repaired many craft that other service centres have being unable to carry out. Contact our sales team for further assistance or advise.

Self righting systems

Whether a RIB is for commercial or leisure use, if you operate in extreme weather a self-righting system should be considered.

The purpose of a self-righting system is to rapidly re-right a capsized RIB. This is triggered by a devise located on the outside of the transom. Once pulled, N2O from a cylinder will inflate the hypalon self-righting bag correcting capsize in as little as 15 seconds.

All self-righting systems are produced from the same high quality hypalon fabric as our inflation collars, Inflation bags vary in size subject to the weight and load of individual craft. Every bag folds compactly inside a valise that is attached with a lacing system to the top of a stainless frame.

Other services include:-

  • Inflatable fenders
  • Oil Booms
  • Water Tanks


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