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One Handled Boat Hatch 270x374

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One handled hatch 270x374

Take apart hatch, ideal when height does not allow full verticial opening: Just unclip the hunge, slide and pull the hatch horizontally to obraun a full opening of the hatch. 

With two sets of hinges supplied as a standard feature, the Plastimo hatch offers two mounting alternatives according to the installation environment :
  • Enough height available : hatch opening through 180°
  • Limited height, not enough to open up : hatch can slide horizontally and be removed.
Easy maintenance : should the hatch be replaced, all you need to do is unclip the hatch. No need to remove or replace the deck frame (saving lots of labour time and watertightness operations).

Overall Dimension: 270x374mm 

Cut Out Dimensions: 187x290mm 


  • Impervious to UV
  • Excellent mechanical resistance, enhanced by the honeycomb structure inside the hatch
  • Walkable : resists 130 kg load with no distortion at all. 
  • Opening through 180°
  • Deck or wall mount
  • EPDM rubber gasket for perfect watertightness
  • Supplied with a set of 2 hinges allowing different installation alternatives : classic articulated hinge opening through 180°, or specific hinge making the hatch removable 
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