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Hypalon Fabric Offcut

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Hypalon offcut, perfect for covering any larger holes or tears in the fabric of your tubes and also seal any areas that are not watertight.

Offcuts measure a minimum of 30x30cm and are subject to stock availability.

You will, of course, be aware of the 43.9 million tonnes of commercial and industrial  production scraps that goes to waste every year. We do not believe that zero waste is an achievable target as a percentage of waste within the system is inevitable. Therefore we aim to create the most efficient system possible and by doing so offer offucts of production fabric that would otherwise be disposed of.  As such an offcut may arrive in an irregular shape, but will always cover the size stated. 

Please note: These offcuts are not intended to bulk order to acheive a larger single piece of fabric. If an order of more than one offcut is ordered, you will receive multiple seperate pieces of hypalon. I.E. If two offcuts are ordered, you will receive two peices of hypalon. In the unlikley event that a large offcut is available you may receive one large peice of material. 

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